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Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement


With Microsoft Fundraising & Engagement (F&E) Non-profit organizations can easily register all their fundraising activities. After the implementation each your organization can immediately start with Relationship Management, Donor Management, Fundraising and Volunteer Management. In addition, F&E offers dashboard capabalities which help to strucure data to give insight in important management information.



The Microsoft Donation program offers Non-profits with an ANBI or CBF status free software. This means F&E can be used for free and no monthly user license costs are required. Monthly charges will be based on Microsoft's current pricing. See Technology and software grants and discounts for nonprofits | Microsoft Nonprofits for more information.


The one time costs for the implementation are € 2500,-



We are convinced that F&E is the ideal solution for organizations that start with fundraising. Does your organization grow and you want to extend the capabilities of your organization's software? Ifunds provides different solutions to upgrade your system:

  • Ifunds Engage365 Fundraising
  • Ifunds Engage365 Members
  • Ifunds Engage365 Campaign
  • Ifunds Engage 365 PME

Alle solutions can be extended with other functionalities like Power BI to make extensive reports, Power Automate for process automation, Tikkie for personalized payments etcetera.. Our Ifunds Academy offers multiple courses to educate you in the different modules.


For more information please send us an e-mail.

Customer examples​

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ZINN zorg

In a small village below Groningen, where we think many potential donors live given the enormous villas, ZINN zorg is located. The foundation of ZINN zorg ensures that elderly people can enjoy the last years of their lives and is our first client where we implemented Fundraising and Engagement. 


The implementation of F&E went smoothly, also because of the great coöperation with the ICT department, who helped us incredibly well and quickly. WIth F&E, ZINN zorg has the foundation of their digital infrastructure and will now continue to see whether and when there will be a next phase of the project to implement their other wishes.


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